Sunday – Term time only

Mandarin 12:00 – 14:00

Cantonese 14:00 – 16:00

15 minutes break

1- What are the school hours?

Please check : School Calendar

2- What is the school Calendar of this year?

Your child should be 5 or turning 5 in the academic year starting in September.

3- What is the minimum age for enrollment?

Yes. If student is enrolled in both Mandarin and Cantonese, we offer a Discount.

4- Could my child register Mandarin and Cantonese at the same time?

Yes. There will be a 10% discount for the 3rd child onward.

5- I have 3 children attending the school, do I get a discount?

6- My child is over 16 and never been studying Chinese before, which class is suitable for him/her ?

Since your child is over 16, she could join our adult class level 1 which is for beginners.

Registration starts in the middle of June on Sundays only. Please check here.

7- When does the students registration start?

Please fill in the online registration form via our school website Admission.

Please note, for the adult class, email to check class availability before your registration.

8- How do I register?

You could make the payment by Bank Transfer.

9- How do I make the payment?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have online payment or card payment facilities.

10- Can I make a payment online or by Card?

Yes. We will charge £20 admin fee for late registration and non-refundable.

11- Can I registration after the school starting day?

Anytime before New Year. The tuition fee is based on the remaining day of the academic year, plus book fee and £20 admin fee. After Chinese New Year, we could only put your child name in the waiting list for the next academic year.

12- Can I register my child at any time during the academic year?

The tuition fee is pro-rota, based on the remaining days of the academic year, plus book fee and £20 admin fee. Please email us 

13- If my child join the class in the middle of term, how much tuition fee do I pay?

14- Can my child has a trial lesson before start. I am worrying that my child doesn’t like it?

Please send your enquiries to email.

We do not encourage parents to sit in the classroom. However, you are welcome to join our school volunteer team. The roles available include, teachers, teaching assistants or other roles. Please email if you are interested.

15- Can I sit in the classroom while my child is taking class?

Parents should inform the class teacher directly. The class teacher will be able to provide homework.

16- What if my child is unable to attend a class?

Yes. Adult class will require least 5 students to proceed. Please check class availability before enrollment by email.

17- Do you have any Chinese language class for adult?

We offer:

- Singing and Recitation Class for Mandarin students (22 session per year)

- Adult and Children Chinese Dancing

- Adult Yoga

- ESOL Free English lesson for beginner

Note: These classes may not run every week. Please check days and times with the teachers.

18- Besides the Chinese language class, do you offer any other class or activity ?

We would upload the news on our school Website and Facebook. The class teachers will also inform parents.

19- How will I know if school is closed in the event of bad weather?

20- What is the refund policy?

Please visit our  Website , Facebook or Email 

21- Where do I find the registration information?

22- How could I register during the Summer time?

Please fill in the online registration form and follow the guiding.

23- When the school starts?

Our school usually start at the second Sunday of September.

24- What Chinese level is appropriate for enrolment for year 1?

Children who has some basic Chinese skills and who are over 7 years old.

25- What teaching material do you use?

 “Let's Learn Chinese.”

26- What are the Chinese language class levels?

For both Mandarin and Cantonese - Reception, Year 1 to Year 6, Pre-GCSE, GCSE,   AS and A-Level; Adult Mandarin HSK and Children YCT.

27- Would my child have any assessment or exams?

Yes. There will be assessments, dictation, mid-term exam and final exam. The full mark of the exam is 100 and pass mark is 50.

28- How many children are there in a language class?

Children language classes require minimum of 8 students. Maximum number of students for each class is 24.

29- What does my child learn in the Reception Class?

The students will learn speaking, listening, reading and basic writing. There will be some homework. The students do not need to buy textbooks.

30- I rang the phone numbers provided on your website i.e. 07565 248 392 and 07565 248 393 but there was no answer?

The school is run by volunteers who have day time commitments. Please ring

Monday – Friday : 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday & Sunday : any time