1- What are the school hours?

2- What is the school Calendar of this year?

3- What is the minimum age for enrollment?

4- Could my child register Mandarin and Cantonese at the same time?

5- I have 3 children attending the school, do I get a discount?

6- My child is over 16 and never been studying Chinese before, which class is suitable for him/her ?

7- When does the students registration start?

8- How do I register?

9- How do I make the payment?

10- Can I make a payment online or by Card?

11- Can I registration after the school starting day?

12- Can I register my child at any time during the academic year?

13- If my child join the class in the middle of term, how much tuition fee do I pay?

14- Can my child has a trial lesson before start. I am worrying that my child

doesn’t like it?

15- Can I sit in the classroom while my child is taking class?

16- What if my child is unable to attend a class?

17- Do you have any Chinese language class for adult?

18- Besides the Chinese language class, do you offer any other class or activity ?

19- How will I know if school is closed in the event of bad weather?

20- What is the refund policy?

21- Where do I find the registration information?

22- How could I register during the Summer time?

23- When the school starts?

24- What Chinese level is appropriate for enrolment for year 1?

25- What teaching material do you use?

26- What are the Chinese language class levels?

27- Would my child have any assessment or exams?

28- How many children are there in a language class?

29- What does my child learn in the Reception Class?

30- I rang the phone numbers provided on your website i.e. 07565 248 392 and 07565 248 393 but there was no answer?

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